Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Letter Two from Brian

Dear Reinhold

The mounting of the exhibition has taken a lot of time and to make matters complicated I was in a car crash and they had to extract me through the roof of the Toyota on a board having sawn off the roof. However I have had a coupe of nights drawing on scrap paper with a pencil.

I now know that there will be a negative sequence and a positive one. The negative sequence will be dominated by black and a hint of red. This will be applied using print blocks cut rubber erasers and Chinese red 'stamp' paste. The positive by a Blue and Green range. This will be applied quickly in a random fashion to a series of 6" X 8" cards . I will start with 10 negative and 10 positive. That make-up is about 28% of the output required.

The difficult of working on a 24 project is that you also need a couple of bigger paintings on the go, ones which you can can look and think about when you are doing tedious tasks. You stand to paint these. It is a military style. From the beginning - in the fist hour you have to have about ten works started. You rarely complete a work straight through.

What I should have at the end of the 24 hours is a lot of ideas and some finished and some unfinished drawings/Paintings.

Thrive Brian

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