Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Visit at Silkstone Primary School

On Monday the 7th December , the day of the first UN Climate Change summit in Copenhagen, The Dearne Project group, Artists Roger Head, Runima Kakoty and Loretta Cusworth took teachers and 33 children from the Silkstone Primary School to the Dearne Valley Park off Pontefract Road Barnsley.
Everyone gathered information for use in writing prose and poetry, drawing and painting in order to produce a poster advertising the opening of the first of the Dearne Projects exhibitions in February 2010.

The exhibition will run for 2 weeks and will be interactive for those visiting the Pod in Barnsley town centre.

This project exists to bring awareness to the community about climate change and the link to the Rivers project which is worldwide. The group are using art and poetry to create this interest in the general public.

Anyone wishing to join the project will be welcome.