Friday, 12 February 2010

Letter Five from Brian

12 January A good day. I started to work on the Carbon Roll. I find that you can only work out something as complicated as that if you set up the basic model and get stuck in. The designs have to be very small (1.5 inch x 2.5) and as a consequence you need to have the right drawing materials. These however can be pretty basic. Loretta, who worked with me, went into the market and brought a collection of cheap pens and we were away.

Two new people have joined up with me on the Agist Art programme. Adam Ghodiwala, the well known Gujarati poet will send 70 one line metrical poems giving 70 reasons to love the earth. These in Gujarati with an English translation. He is a class act and gives us even more prestigue. In the morning a youngman came in and spoke of his interests. Called Jack Aston-Booth he will produce drawings of 23 Birds affected by Climate Change. Yvonne Denton also has a plan to do 40 statement about 'sustainability and link them in a 'hanging. She has a lot of commitments but it is the idea which counts. As I explained to others there is no need to go in for mass production. Quality also matters.

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