Thursday, 11 February 2010

Letter Four from Brian

My training for the 73 Paintings in 24 hours has taken a back step because I have needed to divert energy into publicity and paid work in Bolton. I am still drawing on buses and and trains. This is useful because I know that I will have to start the 23 February running and to have a scrap-book of ideas is useful. From Stalybridge to Leeds I sat side on to a woman in a full burka. She was looking out of the window of the train. She blacks and browns and the background coloured. The scene through the window was beautiful I may trace her in an change the scene three times to fit an Ikea Frame. This will be the subject for a dummy run. I may cut her as a mount.

Suddenly 73 pictures seem a lots of pictures.

I am also concentrating on getting artistic people to the Pod who are also doing an age-on-hours stint. A the moment my collaborators include; Rob Hindle, published poet aged 46, will create 46 poems. Reinhold Behringer, the Professor of Creative Technology also 46, will create a 46 bar piece of music using a computer controlled synthesiser and samplers. Helen Mesezaros, aged 42 (a teacher and community activist) will be compile 42 letters of complaint, John Cowan,(50) a local picture framer incensed by the flood of Chinese frames into UK will frame 50 paintings and have some on sale next day. The yougest member of the group, - Richard Kitson 28 - will invite people to sit for him and draw them. The John Cowan initiative is pertinent because he is competing when he makes frames with a mass production Chinese product which floods the market squares of the Uk. Bringing them will be costly if measured in Carbon miles.


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