Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Letter Three from Brian

I started a new project today . It is paid work. I am working with Old People and Top Primary in Bolton, Lancashire on a project where the young teach the old about texting and electronic communication and the old teach the young about written communication. I am going in as an actor and calling myself Old Man (OM). I dont think that any of the ream saw the Hindu reference. This amused me. I have to follow the agenda prescribed by the Client - Bolton at Home (A housing association with a high regard for the arts as communication tool and therefore when we get going on the pilot I expect to take as my subject Climate and Environment.

Another day passes without much time for training. However i did manage to watch an interview between Nigel Lawson ( no belief) and Am expert (total belief) and jotted down phrases which i might use as the inspiration for pictures. These included:

The Heat from Cities
No time on our side
Sceptics should be welcomed
Dissenting scientists.

On the top of the bus back from Leeds I drew with a figure which is a landscape when viewed horizontally and a figure when looked at vertically. I will have several of these on the go on the 24 Hours Day. Drawing on the top deck of a bus is not easy. The Japanese brushes are such a joy to work with but the rocking of the bus sends the strokes all over the place



Falguni said...

Dear Brian,

Your letters provide much information about the way the project if flowing.Good work,good documentation.Inspired by Reinhold's efforts we have started a blog and I hope within a shorttime it will take its shape.
Wishing you success

Reinhold Behringer said...

Thanks for your comment, Falguni!
I saw the new blog that you and Kiran have set up, and I am following it - have not very much time to read lately, but it is great to see these parallel efforts!