Saturday, 27 September 2008

Moot at Malham

Today on Saturday, Brian and myself went to Malham, to create videos and other documenting material from the sources of the Aire. Brian pointed out several very interesting facts about these sources: that the water would not flow directly, but would first sink into the ground, then unearth at another location, before becoming the Aire.

We saw the impressive Gordale Scar and walked over the hills to enter the cove from above. It was a beautiful day, "Indian Summer" with blue sky, but a fresh and "crispy" air. There were a number of tourist visitors there, but somewhat less than expected. It seemes that the summer season already is over.

Janet's Foss, near Malham.

Gordale Scar

Malham Cove

Overall, we walked a distance of 5.8 miles.

Walking around Malham Cove.


Ink thinks said...

Reinhold - would it be possible to get some copies of these pics and any others you took? Let me rephrase - would you mind emailing them to me? I'm putting my Malahm workshops together and I think these will help!


Reinhold Behringer said...

Hi Beccy,
I just received your comment - had not checked the blog before.

Yes, I will make the pictures available to you. Emailing may be too big, as there are a few 100 of them, each around 2-3 MB large... I will probably put them on Flickr. Will let you know when this has happened.