Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Participants Meeting at Old Broadcasting House

On Wednesday evening, we organised a meeting for those who will participate in the travel to India. Brian, Jenny, Jane, Beccy, and myself were the ones who actually will be on travel, Louise and Jake also joined this meeting as they represented the people who will represent the Yorkshire link during our absence. Adam and Ruth were not able to attend. We discussed the plans and schedule for the travel and the workshops in India.

As I showed this web blog, I realised that there seemed to be an issue in the case of a slow internet connection: the Google map did not show up properly, and the Photosynths just showed part of the photosynth web page instead of the synth itself. Not sure what this was - could have a reason in a temporary outage during the page build-up (due to a faulty wifi connection), and then the Javascript just could not work properly to create all the page elements. Some participants mentioned that they had seen the same on their computer... so I will have to revisit this issue. Maybe simply shorten the blog to show fewer entries (e.g. only the last 3)?

We also planned the upcoming Moot event in Malham, which had originally been scheduled for Sunday but was moved to Saturday now. Hope the weather will be fine!

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