Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Giving a Pitch to Leeds Met Students - in the GANDHI HALL

The BSc students at Innovation North (Leeds Metropolitan University) have to create a major group project in their last year. This usually involved cross-discipline work, with students having background in Multimedia, Computing, Web Design, Video, and Audio coming together and creating impressive artefacts. Today on Wednesday, these students were given several pitches of project ideas in the Gandhi Hall of the Leeds Met Headingley campus.

I used this opportunity to propose this project "Voices of Gujarati and Yorkshire Rivers" to the students, for them to create an interesting multimedia experience) web, DVD, etc. which would highlight the outcomes or document the progress of this project. Several hundred students attended this event, and I already received feedback from one student who is in fact from the Gujarat area and who wants to participate.

Very symbolically meaningful, this event took place in the Hall which is named after the most famous of all Gujarati humans, Mahatma Gandhi.

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Ink thinks said...

Sounds like it went really well!