Friday, 29 January 2010

Letter from Brian

Dear R

Last night as i was watching 'Silent Witness' i took a clip board and some scrap paper and started to draw 'scribble compositions'.(More Later) From the last time I did this exercise I know that you must come with some notes because you cannot run for that length of time and think as well. Some of the compositions have to be thought through because mental exhaustion kicks in quickly. This level of planning is vital.

The First Diagram in David McKay's 'Sustainable Development Without the Hot Air' shows in Kw per person per day where in the way we live the carbon pollutants seem to originate. The Second 'stack' diagram shows what we can do to reverse the trend. I decided that the negative stack would eventually be in the 'Black Colour range relieved by red - useful because I have a strength when it comes to drawing in ink - and defensive response in the blue,green white range.

I took the fact that each of us uses 4 Kw/d/p on Defence. This is an easy subject because I can work on figures and ideas of distortion. 4 will figure in the composition and there will be room for a quote. Someone on the tv quoted Robert Oppenheimer on Sin and Physics. From there I began to think about size and thought that I might use the dimensions of the mounts in the Three in One Ikea frames. Through I will need some bigger images just because I will need exercise. Small points but essential.

Already the practical and the cerebral are beginning to mix,



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