Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Dearne Project - Exhibition on 5.February 2010

The Dearne Project.

This is a collaborative project involving Yorkshire people and those from Gujarat in India, exploring common experiences of the influences of local rivers on their lives.

The Dearne project is a charitable organization and we aim to bring the problem of climate change to the general public and also re-engage them with their local heritage.

We are holding an exhibition in Barnsley, commencing 5th February 2010 and have the
Children of Silkstone Primary school joining us.

Our project with them has been in writing poetry, painting and drawing. The children have become our 'Climate Ambassadors' and will bring about definite changes in our communities re awareness of conservation and climate change.

Our Future¸ and that of planet Earth, is in the hands of such children.

The children have designed our poster through competition, and we are to display their work at the exhibition.

We are also involved with John Davidson of Groundwork. He is also an active Rotary member in Cheltenham where he runs a similar project.

We hope you will enjoy the work done by the contributors of the book in the knowledge that your purchase helps to support this organization.

Runima Kakoty
The Dearne Project

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