Monday, 8 March 2010

Article in the "STAR"

Please find here a link to the article (and the video) which appeared in the Star (Sheffield) on 8.March 2010.

The same article with video is also in the Sheffield Telegraph and in the Lancashire Evening Post.


Falguni said...

Hello Reinhold,
The report is quiet impressive.There's some problem in downloading the video.Let's hope I will be able to watch it in the evening.

Reinhold Behringer said...

Hi Falguni,
thank you!
A pity that the video had problems for you - I hope that it has been working ok in the meantime.

You can try any of the three newspaper sites - each has the same video.


Unknown said...

hello respected brian sir,
Its nice to see that our RIVER'S MOVEMENT is gaining pace with these kind of encouragement.
you are prooving to give inspiration to the youth by performing this task.

Congrats to you sir,

chhaya said...

Its good for a good cause to get noticed more n more, to reach out more people n generate awareness. Impressive act ! Congrats to the crew.