Thursday, 28 May 2009

Meeting in Castleford, Sagar Gallery, 28.May 2009

The following meeting notes were prepared by Zeraslasie Shiker.

Second Rivers Meeting 
Bridge Gallery, Castleford 
28 May 2009 
Zeraslasie Shiker

The Second Rivers Meeting held at Bridge Gallery, Castleford on 28 May 2009 was the continuation of the First Rivers Meeting which was held in Wakefield on 18 May. Professional Artists who participated at the meeting in Wakefield and other interested artists were present. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss in the ideas of the artists involved in the project.
Brian Lewis introduced the participants with the agenda of the meeting. The agenda include:

  • Blog about this project: Voices from Gujarat and Yorkshire Rivers at
  • rivers project progress talk - Brian Lewis
  • project financing email - Roger Head
  • workshops - Brian
  • Northern College Conference on Global Perspectives in Adult Education - Jane Weatherby
  • possible Rivers Project exhibitions

Brian and Reinhold Behringer explained to the meeting that written materials and pictures in the rivers project are posted in the ‘Voices from Gujarati and Yorkshire Rivers’ at Reinhold in addition showed sample pictures of rivers and the importance of the blog to the idea of the rivers project. 
In continuation to the work on the project, Brian on 25 May met with Ahmed Lunat, an Indian poet from Gujarat in Batley to collect more information, stories and poems of Gujarat. In addition, he spoke on the phone with interested artists about the project, among others, he discussed with Roger Head on how to finance the project. A document containing Roger’s ideas on how to fund the project is distributed in the meeting.

A form on the dates and venue of future workshops related to the Rivers Project was circulated in the meeting so that each participant could look on which event to attend. The events include:

  • Hebden/ Calderdale artists meeting, Monday, 8 June 2009, 3 pm to 7pm
  • workshop Cooper Gallery Bansely, Saturday, 27 June 
  • Hebden Artists meeting, 28 June
  • Hebden Boat Trip, 28 June
  • First Dearne Meeting; Riverside event River Dearne, Sunday, 2 July
  • Conference on Global Perspectives in Adult Learning, 3 - 5 July
  • Malham Meeting

The Participants of the meeting ticked the event(s) they are interested in. The artists who did not come in to the meeting will be contacted.
Discussion was held on what the participants could contribute to the project. Each participant spoke about his/her ideas or plan. Many of the participants want to work with others. The points are as follows:

Susan and her husband travelled to Calder River, took some pictures which circulated at the meeting. She produced DVD from the pictures and motion of the river that was played in the meeting. She proposed joint efforts to develop her idea.
There is an idea of organising exhibitions that could be related with the rivers project at Cooper in Barnsley, York, and Castleford Bridge.
David Wilders is planning to pull together stories and poems of Aire river and work on the idea of collect clay for Calder river
David/ Harry has an idea of a sculpture on the Aire river related with the rivers project and applying his painting skills.
Brian is working on a river paintings in India, epic poems in Indian goddess, and a poem about Yorkshire. Brian wants to know any one who likes to contribute.
Zeraslasie has started collecting and documenting stories on rivers, wells, and water in Eritrea.
Bob has an idea of making a map of Calder River, and pictures of the 50 bridges of the Calder river.

Reinhold has an idea of creating Google group on the rivers project and to further develop the rivers blog. The group is at Members are invited, but can also ask for group access.

Roger Head has idea of working in getting a fund for the project. A document containing his idea is distributed on the meeting.
Rosie and Liz have not developed their idea but are interested in contributing something in the project. Liz showed interest in Harry’s idea of collecting clay from Calder River. She told the meeting that she might consider her painting skills in the development of the idea.
Rachel with her husband, mother and father will produce a number of pockets involving small books and pictures covered with glass. Other participants are interested in her ideas and spoke of joint development.

One of the mottos of the Rivers Project is: "Every administrator is an artist and every artist is an administrator."

Other emails will follow in the next few days. These will include:

  • More on Workshops and Showcasing
  • Links with other artists
  • Conferences

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