Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Fourth Day in India

The activities during the first three days were:
- planning the week,
- settling into the accommodation,
- meeting Vice Chancellor of Sardar Patel University, Dr. B.G. Patel,
- giving a keynote address at the conference "Creativity and Literature" (Brian Lewis),
- organising a workshop on creative writing (Beccy Stirrup and Jenny Marsden),
- giving individual presentations about our work and about creativity in general (Jane Weatherby, Ruth Dass, myself).

Today we visited two other faculties:
- the Faculty of Arts who are hosted in a very interesting contemporary building
- the Faculty of Business, Department of Tourism, where we received a nice Gujarati meals prepared in the restaurant of this institute.

We further discussed the plans for the next two days, as we will head out to the river Sabarmati, to hold workshops and conduct interviews.

I will then for the first time test recording of video and audio with the immersive equipment, which is head-worn and can provide a subjective capture of the experience of the wearer of this equipment.

Thanks to our friendly hosts, especially to Sunil Shah, we do have now internet: we purchased an online connection through a special USB wireless modem, through the name of one of the University employees. This allows us now to have internet during the whole rest of our stay. However, the connection is quite slow, and we do only have a limited number of minutes available - which means that we need to economise on the usage.

Nevertheless, I used this connection today in the evening, to upload pictures to Flickr and to report back to our colleagues in Yorkshire.

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