Sunday, 27 July 2008

Involving Leeds Met

Leeds Metropolitan University has already ongoing links with India, for example through its sponsorship of the IFA "Bollywood Oscars". I would be on personal holiday from 26.July - 10.August, and the group planned to book their flight tickets on 11.August. This meant that I only had 3 days to submit my travel forms to Leeds Met and to alert the senior managers of our faculty about this great opportunity. This project is very much in line with many of the Leeds Met vision and character attributes: worldwide horizons, cultural partnerships, environmental engagement, and interdisciplinary research and development.

I identify my role in this project as linking geo-centric web interfaces with the project output and conduct. Specific would still have to be defined, but such a collaborative project across the world would provide a lot of opportunity for utilising multimedia and communication technology, allowing to tell the story / narration in a novel way, through the medium of the internet.

The management of our faculty is very positive towards this project, and I have been given an informal "ok". So I can peacefully have a vacation now, and upon my return can begin to organise the travel.

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