Saturday, 8 November 2008

Activities around Vallabh Vidyanagar

On Saturday morning our group visits the painter Kanu (Kanaiyalal) Patel in this studio. He presents each of us with a gift: a small booklet with poems and a printed collection of some of his works, under the title "Masks".

In the afternoon we visit the Sardar Patel memorial, which is towards west of Vallabh Vidyanagar. It is in a large well maintained park, with palm trees and a large fountain in the centre. The memorial itself is a kind of conference center, devoted to explaining about the life of Sardar Patel who was a colleague of Mahatma Gandhi during the time of India becoming independent.

Asha also guides us to a nearby temple with a peaceful atmosphere. As we continue a bit further, we reach a small town, and we drive to the center. There is a central court, with many people there in a festive atmosphere. This is the Vadtal temple.

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