Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Meeting at Old Broadcasting House

On Tuesday evening, our group met for the 2nd time at the Leeds Met Old Broadcasting House. Before the meeting, I recorded again Brian's explanation of the project, this time in HD and with him in a jacket. I will still have to edit this statement before I can post it onto YouTube.

Brian told about his story regarding getting the visa in Birmingham. Beccy will also travel to Birmingham to hand in the application at the embassy. I had sent my application per postal mail - am still waiting.

Jake and Laura will establish the Yorkshire connection point during our online collaboration on Sunday, 9.November. Beccy talked about her Malham work and about the online story that she is developing. Brian talked about his interest in "embodied energy" and "working with concrete". Jane talked about the "myth-busting" that she intends to do related to climate change, and she also wants to explore the academic communities during our India visit.

On 22. October another meeting will be held in Castleford.

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